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In addition to the world class heating solutions, Ace Heat Tech also specializes in providing a variety of other equipment that can be used in industrial processes as well as semiconductor based applications. These tools include the Transparent Tube, Translucent Tube, Quartz Rod, Quartz Plate, Quartz Milky Crucibles and a lot more. Each of these products is manufactured to meet the prevalent standards of quality so that they are able to support the desired application in the best possible way.

Here is a brief preview about the uses of these devices:

Transparent tube: Made out of several types of synthetic materials, the primary usage of this device is in industrial processes conducted in a high heat environment. Thanks to their specific engineering, these tubes are highly resistant to the temperature variations.

Translucent tube: With high heat handling ability and temperature resistance, these tubes are used in microwave, heating ovens and similar devices.

Quartz rod: Available in diameter of 2 to 70 mm with Length 1200mm, these rods are designed to exhibit a low co-efficient of thermal expansion making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Quartz plate: Made to undergo a series of quality control tests, these plates are robust and durable making it a long term investment and therefore a preferred choice for the business owner.

Quartz milky crucibles: These are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the semiconductor industry. They have excellent heat resistance capability and are used to manufacture high quality wafers which support a series of electronics applications.