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Infrared radiant heat energy contains many properties of the electromagnetic wave energy. These wave energies travel across a straight line and are absorbed by matter around them. They can also be dispersed, focused or reflected by means of lenses or prism. The infrared waves flood an area with radiant energy increasing temperature. Different substances have inherent properties in absorption of radiant waves; thus leading to several applications where infrared heating can be used against other forms of heating. They are available in short, medium and long wavelengths and are best suited for three-dimensional objections as radiation absorption raises the temperature uniformly.

The selection of wavelength depends on job requirement, curing time and temperature needed.

Infrared ovens are used widely for different applications such as ink drying, paint finishing, plastic and powder coating, besides audio accessories, stationery and other areas. Here, the infrared emitter is selected based on factors like application and wavelength. Rapid heating of product at low energy cost is managed with infrared emitter options like ceramic emitters, reflector heat lamp and quartz tube etc. In addition, glass panel processing oven, control and cooler systems help in implementing heating elements are recirculation blowers for a combination of convection and infrared heating.

The new revolutionary design in ovens is the Infrared Oven which is fast catching up with industry. A cost viable alternative to regular ovens, infrared ovens are coming to the industry with several features like a compact design, multiple function and digitally controlled mechanisms.

The infrared technology is relatively new and as always has invited plenty of enthusiasm and equally amount of skepticism – the prime area of discussion is the infrared radiation and whether it is harmful or safe. While the larger advice given is not to look at the oven for long periods of time when it is in use, reflectors and shields can be considered as options for safety and convenience in handling.

Convection Combined with infrared technology, it provides a faster and safer solution to food industry.


The infrared oven has many positive advantages which are obvious through their quick uptake in the market.

  • Affordable
  • Simple controls provide ease of use
  • Uniform heating