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Energy Saving Ceramic Infrared Heaters (HTS Series)

HTS Series

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Elstein HTS High Temperature Heaters are ceramic infrared panel heaters, which can be used for operating temperatures up to 900 °C and surface ratings up to 64 kW/ m².

HTS series heaters are produced using a hollow-casting ceramic process and are filled with thermal insulation material. This improves the radiant power output to the material to be heated.

Furthermore, there is a significant reduction in heat dissipated in the wiring space, so that additional insulation of the heating area is usually not required.

Compared with IR heaters, which are produced by using full-poured casting processes, HTS heaters have a considerably reduced heating-up time and, depending on the type of application, enable energy savings of up to 25 %.

Elstein HTS high temperature heaters are available in four designs and cover the power range from 60 W to 1000 W.

Dimensions :

Technical Details :

Type // Weight g // Wattage W HTS/1 HTS 220 250 400 600 800 1000
HTS/2 125 125 200 300 400 500
HTS/4 75 60 100 150 200 250
Surface rating kW/m² 16,0 25,6 38,4 51,2 64,0
Typical operating temperature °C 450 570 700 810 860
Maximum permissible temperature °C 900 900 900 900 900
Wavelength range µm 2 - 10

Further Information :

Standard Design Thermocouple Heater Variants
operating voltage 230 V integrated thermocouple type K (NiCr-Ni) special wattages
ceramic hollow casting designation T-HTS // T-HTS/1 // T-HTS/2 // T-HTS/4 special voltages
leads 85 mm TC leads 100 mm extended leads
Elstein standard socket power leads with ring terminals
mounting set
integrated insulation

Consideration :

The power can be controlled by using thermocouple heaters with TRD temperature controllers, TSE thyristor switching units and other accessories.

IR radiation panels can be assembled using REO reflectors, REF construction sets, EBI and EBF construction elements, BSI and BSH panels as well as mounting sheets MBO.

The national safety regulations must be complied with for the respective application, for example, the IEC or EN standard 60519-1, Safety in electrical heating installations.

Further information and safety instructions are mentioned in the mounting sheet, which is attached to each heater.

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