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IRS-K Series

Ace Heat - Cartridge Heaters

Elstein IRS/K rod heaters are ceramic infrared heaters, which are available in different lengths of up to 300 mm and surface ratings of up to 75 kW/ m²

Unlike the IRS Series heaters, which have the leads running through the mounting sockets on each side, the leads of IRS/K Series lie only on one side.

Thus IRS/K heaters make the heating of the interior of hollow bodies like tubes or bottles possible.

Linear heating tasks that need one-sided leads can be solved, too.

If required IRS/K rod heaters are available with double sided leads.

Elstein IRS/K rod heaters cover the power range from 125 W to 750 W.

Dimensions :

Technical Details :

Type // Weight g // Wattage W IRS/K 300 mm 100 300 to 750
Length // Weight variable Wattage variable
  IRS/K 125 mm 40 125 to 300
Surface rating kW/m² 30,0 to 75,0
Typical operating temperature °C 400 to 700
Maximum permissible temperature °C 750 to 750
 Wavelength range µm 2 - 10

Further Information :

Standard Design Thermocouple Heater Variants
operating voltage 230 V integrated thermocouple type K (NiCr-Ni) special lengths
leads up to 400 mm description T-IRS/K + length specification mm special wattages
rod completely or partially heated TC leads up to 400 mm special voltages
two fixing springs extended leads
    both-sided leads
    power leads with ring terminals

Consideration :

The power can be controlled by using thermocouple heaters with TRD temperature controllers, TSE thyristor switching units and other accessories.

The national safety regulations must be complied with for the respective application, for example, the IEC or EN standard 60519-1, Safety in electrical heating installations.

Further information and safety instructions are mentioned in the mounting sheet, which is attached to each heater.

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