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Why The Quartz Heater Has Gained Popularity Within These Few Years?

Among the many inventions, the infrared heaters are one which is gained fabulous popularity. The infrared heaters transform the electric energy to heat energy. The infrared heaters are available in different types like Ceramic, Quartz and Metal sheath.

The Quartz type infrared heaters have gained much more popularity than the other forms. Although these were in the market for few decades, the popularity has raised up within these few years. The features of the Quartz Infrared Heater are immensely popular today having affordability, convenience and easy to maintain the feature.

The quartz is a hard and shiny stone that is used in the electronic equipment. The quartz bulbs in the infrared heaters are made enclosing the tungsten resistance wire in high purity quartz sheath.

When electricity is passed through the wire, it gets heated and the quartz crystal traps the heat inside thus the wire gets even hotter which in result starts emitting infrared light. Quartz is one the infrared heating elements used in the Infrared heaters.

The Advantages That Raised the Popularity

  • The infrared rays emitted from the quartz are evenly distributed. Unlike the traditional heaters, it doesn’t circulate the warm air which heats up the room first. The heat is spread steadily and evenly from ceiling to floor.
  • The infrared heaters of Quartz are affordable. The expense of installation is lower than any other source of heating.
  • Maintenance cost is even low because the bulbs used in the heaters last for 3-5 years and the bulb ranges from $5-$15.
  • The heaters are durable and would last for many years.